Re: Move to LGPL3

Paul Pogonyshev wrote:
Mark Mielke wrote:
If I choose to download Oracle, and connect a GPL product to Oracle 
*without redistribution*, there is nothing the FSF can do to stop me.

They actually don't.  GPL applies only if you distribute modified or
unmodified result.  At home (or within your company if you are an
employee) you can do anything you want.

Yep - exactly. And system libraries fall into this category, because it is not distributed with the product (GPL is not derived from the system libraries - they merely use it). I, the end user, am using them together. The "special exception" is stating the obvious. It's not reducing any confusion except to say "of the many uses we cannot reasonably prevent, linking to system libraries is definitely one of them."


Mark Mielke <mark mielke cc>

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