Re: Move to LGPL3

Alexander Shaduri wrote:
Hi all,

Having studied the FSF licenses and their restrictions, I think
it would be reasonable to re-license GTK+ under the LGPLv3
(or later) + GPLv2 linking exception (or, alternatively, simply
multi-license it under LGPLv3 / GPLv2).

Hmm, there's a nifty idea. All GPLv2-compatible projects could still use gtk without any changes, and, as you say, all closed proprietary apps would be forced to follow the terms of the LGPLv3 for gtk.

Open question: are there any weird legal side-effects of dual-licensing? I recall a big deal in the *BSD community not to long ago where some people didn't believe that dual-licensing was even legal (or something like that).

Aside from that, would there be any downsides to any existing open source apps that use gtk?


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