Re: why only automake-1.7


Automake and autoconf aren't fully backwards compatible so it makes sense to require a specific version. It may work with other versions too but it's impossible to guarantee.

On the other hand you can have multiple versions installed. There is a generic automake wrapper that will try to call the best matching version (usually the newest one). But if you run automake-xyz directy you will get that specific version.

See if your operating system and distribution provides a package for automake-1.7 and install that.

Paul Chitescu

On Wed, 5 Mar 2008, Halton Huo wrote:

I'm trying to build gtk from trunk code. found it only allows
automake-1.7, could somebody tell me why? I have automake-1.10

$./ --prefix=/usr
./ automake-1.7: not found

You must have automake 1.7.x installed to compile Gtk+.
Install the appropriate package for your distribution,
or get the source tarball at


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