Re: ChangeLog format

Johan Dahlin wrote:
> Cody Russell wrote:
>> Is there a definitive format we should be using right now in ChangeLog?
>> I mean mostly where we put the bug# and stuff.  I noticed that recently
>> there are two different formats being used:
> [..]
>> Does it matter which one I use when committing stuff, or is there a
>> preferred way of doing it now?
> I always try to do:
> 2008-05-27  Matthias Clasen  <mcl     redhat com>
>           * gtk/gtkprintunixdialog.c: Disconnect signal handlers when
>           the dialog closes. (#531008, Yevgen Muntyan).
> Where the name(s) after the bug are all persons involved in solving the bug.
> Which I think that I picked up from Matthias, but it appears he's not using 
> that format any longer.

I do something similar. I always have the format:

  "Fixes bug #123456 (foo, bar, baz)"

I do this in the same line as I describe the changes (like your example
above). This works perfectly with the maintainer script I wrote (which
extracts all bugs (since a last tagged version) and all names related to
bugs to generate release notes and other useful information.

For more information, see the homepage.

This format can of course be updated if a format is agreed. The
maintainer script uses a simple regular expression to match this


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