Re: working version of GTK for win64


A couple of questions about your changes in the source:

In glib's, you do:

--- ./	2008-05-09 22:50:12.000000000 +0300
+++ ./	2008-05-06 12:10:18.000000000 +0300
@@ -871,6 +871,9 @@
+  $ac_cv_sizeof_long_long)
+      glib_size_type=int64
+      ;;
   *)  AC_MSG_ERROR([No type matching size_t in size])

What is this int64 type? Is it a predefined type in gcc for win64? Is
it available also when more strict standard conformance is asked for?
What about MSVC? Shouldn't __int64 be used instead? Or probably long
long. Anyway, if you add a new possible value for glib_size_type, more
changes are needed later in where it does a

case $glib_size_type in

I also notice that tests:

case $ac_cv_sizeof_void_p in
$ac_cv_sizeof_int)  	glib_gpi_cast=''        glib_gpui_cast=''         ;;
$ac_cv_sizeof_long) 	glib_gpi_cast='(glong)' glib_gpui_cast='(gulong)' ;;
*) 			glib_unknown_void_p=yes ;;

Surely ac_cv_sizeof_void_p will be 8? Won't that then set
glib_unknown_void_p=yes which will cause echo '#error SIZEOF_VOID_P
unknown - This should never happen' ?

I downloaded the 64-bit mingw cross-compiler (the one hosted on 32-bit
Windows) and tested cross-compiling. But actually I really should
install 64-bit XP or Vista on some suitable machine. Not that I have
that many to choose from.. it will have to be the one in the living
room that mostly acts as a media machine now.

I committed a change to in trunk that (as far as I can
see) when run using 64-bit mingw produces a correct glibconfig.h that
matches rhult's patch in this thread. I still need to go through your
changes and commit them as such or slightly modified. I will also make
sure it compiles for 64 bits without warnings.


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