Re: [TreeView] Performance of TreeView with huge lists

This comes up regularly for various large values of N.

> Just as random thoughts, is there any way that giving a user a list of
> 100 million items is going to be useful?  If you already know that the
> user will never see all of the list, why try to display it?

"You do not want to do that" is not particular useful advice when, in
fact, he does want to do that.  One would want to do this when one
cannot tell in advance what smallish part of the large view that the
user wants to see.  A database viewer, for example.

> And searching through this list for a specific item using the
> scrollbar is going to be very tedious, if not impossible, for the user.

Impossible -- one pixel could be a million records, which only tells us
that the table needs to be navigated some other way.

Thorsten, try looking into ETable as used by Evolution (though not
necessarily recent versions - I last looks 5 years ago).  It is not a
beauty, but it might fit your needs,


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