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On Feb 1, 2008 4:26 PM, Denis Oliver Kropp <dok directfb org> wrote:
> Mike Emmel wrote:
> > Top level comment.
> >
> > Yes I think that the Quartz rendering model will work. Most of what
> > they are using was added after the gtk port was in and its not been
> They're just using less than GdkDirectFB :)
> Well, the synthesizing of events is new...
> > upgraded to use the new stuff. I did a little bit when the new paint
> > methods where added.
> The Paintable Interface or the Cairo Support?
The Paintable interface from memory the Cairo support was already in
but it changed
some. Its been a few years now since I did the first port :)

> > Also the even handling is still probably mucked up. The biggest thing
> > we are missing a a concept of nested windows if we could have child
> > windows then the code is a lot cleaner.
> We have sub surfaces and I guess the Quartz doesn't have anything more.
> The code could be as clean as theirs...
It would be nice to tie the GdkWindows to Surfaces/SubSurfaces and move the
DirectFB windows to be a sort of annotation. This would probably open
up implementing
embedding. And make the port more versatile.  The toplevels would then
happen to have a window but it would be nice if its not required.

Next we could take more control over event dispatching and do the hit
detection at the surface level.

> I'm almost through with a rewrite of the event handling, staying as
> close as possible to the X11 backend, e.g. don't queue more than
> one event (actually transfer/translete from system to local queue)
> everytime _gdk_events_queue() is called. First have it processed and
> don't block the mainloop too long at once.
One thing is we could use the file descriptor interface and at the fd
to be watched by
the gdk main loop. This would be better I think ?

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