Re: gtk.HTML class nonexistent [was: Re: [pygtk] Computing optimum size of gtkhtml2.View]

Am Fri, 15 Aug 2008 19:20:10 +0000 (UTC)
schrieb "Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton" <lkcl lkcl net>:

> folks, hi, just an update: i was advised kindly to look at
> pywebkitgtk - which i downloaded and compiled from source, this
> morning. _wow_ am i dead impressed with this project!  the demo
> browser example ran my javascript-only web site, and
> it _nearly_ managed to run my javascript-only site i'm developing,
> - except it segfaulted after login. _wow_
> would i have been so impressed if it had worked first time :)  the
> concept of having a standards-compliant browser, integrateable into
> apps using python... _wow_ :)
> anyway: i added in pywebkitgtk instead of python-gtkhtml2 and was
> pleased to find that it worked absolutely perfectly to provide [a
> missing] gtk.HTML-like widget.  what i was _less_ impressed with is
> that it suffers *exactly* the same flaw that python-gtkhtml2 has: a
> widget created with pywebkitgtk *cannot* tell you what its width and
> height is, and so, if you insert it into an app, and the app size
> "shrinks", the HTML - even if it's one line of HTML - gets "chopped
> off".
> there's no enforcement of HTML content "size" communicated back to the
> gtk.Widget "container".
> thus, sadly, pywebkitgtk is as useless as python-gtkhtml2 for doing
> the simple, simple job of putting HTML as simple as " < b>hello< /b
> >" into an application.
> also i haven't checked yet if "object_requested" is supported in
> pywebkitgtk or its equivalent - i hope so, because it's absolutely
> essential functionality .
> qt4 has support for "Rich Text" - simple things like "< b >hello< /b
> >" can be detected and displayed, and the size of the box is
> >"enforced" as a minimum width
> and height onto the application.
> it's _essential_ that GTK have similar such functionality.
> implementing these features "outside" of the core gtk widget set -
> using pygtk2 alone - registers on the "awkward to literally
> impossible" scale.

Hey Luke,

it's nice to see someone content with WebKit.

You should like to see this bug:

There is actually an unfinished patch. So if someone wants that feature
you are welcome to look into it.


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