Re: Let gtk-doc grok GSEAL


Tim Janik schrieb:

Hi Stefan,

as mentioned during the last IRC meeting:

It'd be nice if gtk-doc
understood the GSEAL macros. I guess the handling would be best, if:
- GSEAL(field); is treated like /*<private>*/ field;
- optionally, gtk-doc could ignore GSEAL(), so we can still generate
  docs for older gtk versions where some unsealed fields are treated
  as public read-only API.

Hmm, I don't see why this is needed. Can't you just add /*<private>*/ before the sealed vars? Imho that the intention of GSEAL(). The reason I am a bit reluctant is that the whole parse is a fragile construct of regexp. I know that this isn't the best apprach to c-parsing, but its what it uses. I am trying to only gently modify it.


Could you please look into supporting this?


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