Problem with tree_view->priv->tree being NULL

Hey everyone, this is not a patch report :)

I have a question! In Epiphany, I've been working in a feature that
makes the location bar quite more useful and "i-forget-everything"
friendly, it's not high tech but cool anyway, it's basically porting
it to use regex searches for subpatterns and niceties, it also
features bolding of the results, like firefox's new bar, but I got the
idea before, of course no one is gonna believe that.

Ok bug is:
it includes a clean patch for it:

suggestions and accusations of bad coding are highly welcome.

Thing is, that because of some unknown reasons, I'm getting this
warning in the terminal sometimes:
GtkWarning: gtk_tree_view_scroll_to_cell: assertion
`tree_view->priv->tree != NULL'

The visible effect of it is a blank completion popup, it won't "get
fixed" unless you open a new window, other tabs in the window suffer
the same, sometimes it's on only part of the possible queries you can
make, example, it breaks when you type "slashdot" but keeps working
for "flickr".

Now, some answer to your possible questions:
 a) no, I'm not calling that function directly
 b) the model that the completion is using is a GtkTreeModelSort
around an EphyCompletionModel that implements GtkTreeModelIface.
 c) i'm not touching the model during the matching, only querying it
as you would expect.
 d) I have custom cell data funcs, querying the model too, again, as I
guess you would expect.

So the big question is: why is the completion popup popping as a big
blank square, and instead of the matches I only see white space.
Let me be a bit more clear with an example, let's say "gnome" return 5
matches, under normal cirumstances the 5 matches pop in the
completion; under the bug the completion pop like if 5 matches were in
it, but the area is completely white.

Any clue, anyone?

Please cc me in your replies :), thank you.


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