GtkCanvas status

Hi all,

This week I was discussing with a co-worker (Renato [1]) about
creating rich UI applications using GTK+. After some discussions we
decided that using a canvas widget on top of Gtk was the best idea. So
we started searching for canvas implementations using Gtk.

We found that there have been several discussions on gtk-devel ml [2]
about getting a canvas impl into GTK+. I played a bit with GooCanvas
and it seems like a good candidate for this.

I am really interested in making it happen, and I am willing to take
responsibility (writing the code, ...) for this. But first I would
like to know some things:

- What is the status (if any) of what canvas impl to use as a base for
a GtkCanvas?
- What are the feature requirements for the canvas (there has been
some discussions on the threads but no decision has been made)?
- Is there anyone working on this?

If we came up with some decicions, I can start working on it to make it happen.

As a side note I've created (with the help of Renato) a GtkTransition
class to make it easy to create transitions on top of GObjects. You
can checkout the code with:
 $ svn checkout

The GtkTransition extends GtkTimeline [3] and allows one to define
states for widgets in a timeline. So i could for example rotate a
GtkLabel, fade a CanvasItem, ..., easily. It uses object properties to
apply the states, much like Flash does, but with the possibility to
define multiple states per transition, and add custom states. It's not
finished yet, but you can already play with it and tell me what you

Thoughts? Opinions?



Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)
Jabber: andrunko gmail com
MSN:   andremoreira msn com
Skype:  andrunko

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