Re: Cannot use arrow keys to navigate the popup from gtk combobox on win32 #471655

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Subject: Re: Cannot use arrow keys to navigate the popup from gtk combobox on win32 #471655

2007/9/6, Neil Watson <nowatson gmail com>:

I filed this enhancement request last week, and since then I have taken a
look at the source and come up with a patch.  Unfortunately I have no idea
on how to compile gtk on windows despite my best efforts.  I will post my
patch here in the hope that someone who can sucessfully compile gtk can
spare a few minutes to test it.

It should be inserted at line 3699 which is the gtk_combo_box_list_key_press
function of gtkcombobox.c .  (Either 2.10.13 or 2.10.14)

Thank you very much for your patch! Next time it would be better to send a proper patch file in an unified file format, to achieve this you can download the trunk version:

$ svn co gtk (or using TortoiseSVN[0] if you do so on windows).
$ cd gtk/

Perform your modifications, and create a patch with svn:

$ svn diff > my_gtk_fix.patch
(or using the TortoiseSVN interface for patches)

It would be also nice to attach the patch to the bug page on bugzilla since it's the usual way to keep track of them.

As for the patch I'm not a Gtk+ maintainer so I cannot give you any comments. Just wanted to let you know how to make your contributions easier to try.

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz
As suggested, I will attach the patch file in the unified format, and also upload it to the bugzilla page
Many thanks,

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