Re: GVfs status report

Hey Alex,

On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 11:35 +0200, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> After some time away from GVfs I'm now back working on it. In order to
> get people to start looking at it I'm sending this status report. I'll
> also try to send more regular status reports in the future.
> If we want to use gvfs in Gnome 2.21 there are two possibilities:
> 1) Release next glib before the next Gtk+ release
> 2) Temporary ship gio in a separate module, which we later move to glib
>   (pkg-config should magically make this work for users as long as the 
>   packages etc conflict properly) 
> Both of these have the disadvantage that we can't use gio in
> Gtk+. There are a bunch of UI helper dialogs etc that would be nice to
> have there, but they are not critical.

The latter woul mean some GNOME applications losing authentication
support in the migration if they don't implement that portion of the
code themselves.

Would it be completely out of the question to have a GTK+ release for
the sake of gio/gvfs?


Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net> 

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