Re: What's about the efficiency of using c to OOP compare to the c++'s abstraction?

> 5) unimportance: C++ might bring some small speed improvements, or it
> might not (see Qt's linking problems, though they might have fixed
> that), but in any case, 10% speed improvements in a widget toolkit
> internals are almost invisible to the user
> .. probably some more I've missed.

Well I guess 5 and the last point are quite tied together. A strong
paint is maintainance and code readability. When looking at GTK's code
I am quite confused for the first time and getting used to this
strange coding style takes quite some time.
Except QT's signal&slot system I don't know to learn new a new OOP
model just to hack a bit in QT.

Last but not least search for "performance problem" on the GTK list's
and the same for the QT lists. It may be that QT just has way less
developers and such search results are stupid in general, but to some
degree numbers talk for themself. (By the way you can also search on
nvidia's linux forums ;) )

lg Clemens

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