Re: turning g_assert* into warnings


Marco Barisione schrieb:
> Il giorno ven, 12/10/2007 alle 15.16 +0200, Tim Janik ha scritto:
>> please reread my reasoning about G_DISABLE_ASSERT, there already is no behavior
>> of g_assert() you could rely on. (and some distributions do build their
>> binaries with G_DISABLE_ASSERT and/or G_DISABLE_CHECKS defined).
> What distributions? Excluding Gentoo and other distros that allow the
> user to choose how to build everything.

we actually considered this several times for maemo. If the app runs into
g_assert it disappears, if the g_assert is disabled it usually disappears a bit
later when it segfaults. for the user it makes no visual difference - the
application died. For the developer it makes sense as the assert help to track
it down. For pure user systems (in the embedded area) it makes sense to disable
the asserts (for performance reasons).


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