Re: GdkPixbuf vs. Cairo, new image library needed?

2007/10/15, Jean-Philippe Chancelier <jpc cermics enpc fr>:
>     Kalle> Pixel-based drawing is already a drawback, no need to wait for bigger
>     Kalle> screens. But that's why nobody uses GDK to _draw_ anything anymore,
>     Well, I'm not sure of that point. May be I do wrong but I have
>     a graphic driver which can use gdk or cairo or opengl. The gdk driver
>     on some machines is really faster than the cairo one.

Yes, it is.

> And when using
>     cairo I cannot make a surface move in real time as it was the case
>     with gdk.

Probably not.

> I must admit that I still have some work to do to accelerate the
>     cairo part, but have the feeling that cairo will still be slower than gdk.

Likely so.

This is the case as long as

 a) cairo has slow paths in it's internal implementations
 b) X drivers fall back to software as much as they do right now

For example, simple sliding demo thing I cooked up last weekend seemed
to hit hard the software fallback of my binary nvidia driver. It does
nothing wonderous, just plots two server-side surfaces with
translation. Should be simple memory transfers on the video card

I have no idea why this happens at the moment, but IMO its more likely
the option b) of the above list or me requesting silly things than
cairo being stupid..

Kalle Vahlman, zuh iki fi
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