Re: GdkPixbuf vs. Cairo, new image library needed?

"BJörn Lindqvist" <bjourne gmail com> writes:

> Incidentally, blitting pixbufs is slower than it has to be because its
> format rarely matches the X11 server which uses either xRGB32 or
> ARGB32.

I don't disagree with anything else you say, but this "performance
issue" is really a non-issue. We are talking about data on the client
here, so there is no way the X server can hardware accelerate those
blits [1]. This means we are back to software in both cases, and in
that case the difference between convert_and_copy_data() and
copy_data() is completely negligble.


[1] Some day, maybe, we'll be able to DMA directly out of client
memory, but this will require lots of work in both the kernel and the
X server. We are still far away from that being possible.

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