Re: GtkBuilder

On Nov 24, 2007 2:54 PM, Mikael Hermansson <mike tielie gmail com> wrote:
> Hello!
> Just wondering when will libglade will be deprecated in favor of
> GtkBuilder API? I dont see any news about this on
> atm. I am writing an application using GTKBuilder API and the convert
> scripts and it seems to work okey :-) I wonder if other developers has
> plans to replace libglade in next Gnome release?

There are some basic things missing in the gtk builder framework
that I would say are blocking this kind of deprecation, not representative
of very much work though (from memory I would say atk properties
are a must, which could be implemented as a custom element
directly by the GtkWidgetClass).

> Not even GUIBuilder like gazpacho/Glade seems to support it right now?

this is the tracker on the status of Glade supporting GtkBuilder files:

Since the GtkBuilder format goes beyond saving everything as
properties and signals (allowing some widgets to save things as
custom xml constructs), the parser framework needs to be reworked
a little bit, after that is done then implementing the actual widgets
will be a much easier job.


I was planning to do this Glade rework in this release cycle, since then
I left my job and moved to the other side of the world, a potential
employer of mine is volunteering to send me a laptop to work
from at which point I might be able to spend time actually hacking
and compiling code - but I implore all users of gtk+ and glade
not to wait for this, gtk+ maintainers are available for patch review
and so am I and I dare say so is Johan Dahlin (author of the builder);
we are here to make it happen as a community effort.

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