Re: Extended Layout Summary

Am Dienstag, den 20.11.2007, 15:53 +0100 schrieb Vincent Untz:
> Assume the natural width is 500px in the first case, 350px in the second
> case and 200px in the third case. And the minimum width is 400px, 280px
> and 150px.
> In such a situation, it doesn't make much sense to allocate 250px to the
> window list because it's between the natural size of the third case and
> the minimum size of the second case. So it's better to only allocate
> 200px.

Ok, I see the problem.

So maybe "natural-size" should be renamed to  "preferred-size"?

For supporting your feature there should be a separate call:

	void (*get_supported_sizes) (GtkOrientation   orientation,
                                     GtkRequisition **sizes,
				     guint           *n_sizes);

The sizes would be sorted regarding orientation - 
but guess we should focus on merging what we got first.

Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>

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