CairoIO - Cairo compatible successor to GdkPixbuf

Hello all!

Some background info about this project is found here:

* gnome org/msg06472.html

In short, GdkPixbuf has some big problems which are hard to solve, so
we need a new image library which is more compatible with Cairo.
CairoIO is my attempt at creating such a library. The library is not a
reimplementation of GdkPixbuf, it only wraps it to provide a
cairoified front end to all the image loading functionality.

Currently it consists of nothing more than a executable specification
written in Python and unit tests. The intention is to first create a
rock-solid, future-proof interface that solves all architectural
problems GdkPixbuf has. So lets have some nice discussion about it!
The things I've found really bad with GdkPixbuf and which I think
CairoIO can solve are listed in "Targeted GdkPixbuf Problems" in the
/ref/ file. In particular I was not happy with how
PixbufAnimations work so I've tried to make them better.

Checkout using:

    svn co cairoio

The implementation is in /ref/ which also contain lots of
documentation. I know the name "CairoIO" might not be so nice, but it
is only seven characters. Maybe someone can think of a better name?

Feedback welcome!

mvh Björn Lindqvist

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