Re: bug test links (Re: RFC: GLib testing framework)


wouldn't it make sense to move setting the bug-tracker url to spme normal g_lib module, like where g_(g|s)et_application_name() is. he g_option stuff could display the link when running <app> --help. We would need two urls: one template to get a report by id and one to file a bug.


Quoting Sebastian Rittau <srittau jroger in-berlin de>:

On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 09:14:31PM +0100, Tim Janik wrote:

void	g_test_bugzilla (const gchar *bugzilla_url_prefix);
void	g_test_bug      (guint        bugid);

g_test_bugzilla() if called outside a testcase will set the default
bugzilla url for all test cases. if called inside a test case, it
sets the bugzilla url for the scope of the case only.
g_test_bug() can be called inside a testcase, and cause a #bugid
link to appear in the test report.

I wouldn't hardcode the name (or specifics) of a BTS in the glib API.
Instead use something like:

  void  g_test_uri (const gchar *uri_template);
  void  g_test_bug (guint        bugid);

where the former function is used like this:


Also it is better not to restrict bug "numbers" to integers. Other BTS
could possibly use other systems to identify bugs. Also, I don't see
the need to use arithmetic operations on bug numbers, so using a string
should be ok.

 - Sebastian

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