Re: RFC: GLib testing framework

Hi Matthias,

Matthias Clasen schrieb:
> On 11/1/07, Tim Janik <timj imendio com> wrote:
> I don't have much in terms of comments. My general reaction to
> grandiose test frameworks is that fixtures, setup/teardown,
> hierarchical test suites are too much overhead for me. Maybe this
> approach to testing works for people who are move
> disciplined than me, I prefer the simple-minded make check approach...
> One thing I find pretty useful, that has not been mentioned so far (or
> I missed it) is regression tests for bugs. For these it is very useful
> to have some standardized way to refer to the bug they are testing.

I added a test suite to gtk-doc recently. Basically its just two sample
projects, where one is demontration how to use it (positive tests) and the 2nd
has the regression tests. For the 2nd one I basically have dummy code where
symbol names refer to bugnumbers like:
 * bug_26354:
 * ...
void bug_26354(const gchar* const str) {

Nothing prevents you to have a test suite for regressions where you encode the
bugnumber into the testcase name.


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