Re: Minutes of the GTK+ meeting at FOSDEM

On 3/1/07, Kristian Rietveld <kris gtk org> wrote:
Also the already well-known problem of core maintaince was discussed.  All
people who could do core maintaince right now are employed by different
companies and all assigned to specific tasks.  There is little energy left
to get any (upstream) maintaince done after work.  Becoming a core maintainer
is considered to take a lot of time, since those people need to be familiar
with most of the code base which takes several years.  However, it was
argued that people with less experience can help out by running different
patches in bugzilla through test suites and use (the currently non-existing)
internal documentation explaining the inside machinery of complex widgets
to find problems.  Another question was how the GNOME Foundation could hire
a core maintainer; this looks like a possibility, however there is nobody
left for hiring at this moment.

Hi Kristian,

I am interested in contributing to the GTK+ project & have been
constantly reading about the lack of maintainers for the project. How
can I help?


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