Re: directx gdk backend?

Michael Lawrence writes:
 > When drawing plots with say 25000 circles, Windows is at least 5x
 > slower.

As you say, drawing tens of thousands of circles with GDK isn't
exactly something "normal" apps do... there hasn't been and can't
really be much optimisation for use cases like this. Is it "fast" to
draw so many circles on X11 either?

Are the circles all of different size and colour? This is just wild
speculation, but if you have just a handful of sizes (or if the vast
majority are of a handful of sizes), could you perhaps experiment if
it would be faster (on X11, too) to have pre-drawn circles of the most
common sizes you nee in GdkPixmaps that you would then draw onto the
window (using a GC with a suitable GdkFunction so that just the pixels
covered by the circles are changed and the rest are left as is) at the
positions you want?


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