Re: Using the gtk print backend with CUPS and SSL

On 6/27/07, Vince Busam <vbusam google com> wrote:
With the patches referenced in I've been able to get a
list of printers from my local CUPS server which requires SSL.  However,
it takes a long time with a ~30 second wait for a response from the CUPS
server while the whole gtk app blocks.  I bet this is due to the app
opening an initializing dozens of SSL sockets to the server - a new one
for each request, without closing any of them.  Eventually the server will
respond to the last connection, and the printer list will fill.  Does
anybody have any tips for the best way to go about re-using one SSL socket
for those requests, or at least closing the connection after each request?

The cups backend needs to be fixed to use a single connection anyway.
The current method of using multiple connections was hitting cups
max-connection limits at about 220 printers until I did some minimal
fixes recently.

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