scrolling big windows on win32, revisited

There was a thread on this topic -- the perils of trying to 
scroll through more than about 1000 gtktreeview rows on Windows 
-- a couple of years ago:

If I'm making the right inference from googling subsequent 
developments, this is now fixed post GTK 2.6.  

However, app developers who want to support win98 are stuck with 
GTK 2.6.  This may be asking too much, but is there any chance 
(Tor?) of getting a backport of the fix to 2.6?  I for one would 
be very grateful.  I'd do it myself except that I'm not set up to 
build gtk for win32.

(BTW, I searched today, and couldn't find a GTK 2.6 win32 binary 
distribution anywhere. Tor has old stuff up to 2.4 archived, and has 2.8 and above.  Since 2.6 was the last version 
compatible with win98, it seems it would be a good thing to have 
the 2.6 runtime package available somewhere.)

Allin Cottrell
Department of Economics
Wake Forest University, NC

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