Re: GtkBuildable type resolver

Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-06-04 at 16:04 -0300, Johan Dahlin wrote:
> One thing that might or might not be a can of worms is
> language bindings. I wonder if someone more experienced
> than myself in this realm could point out how we plan
> to load widgets written in other languages from the GtkBuilder
> perspective, namely how will we obtain the runtime GType of
> the object from its name in the xml/glade file.

Python avoids this by registering all the types as soon as you load the
bindings. However this is unfortunately memory wise and might be changed
in the future.

However, this would be quite easy in a dynamic language like python where
it is feasible to register the wrappers when they first are accessed.
I'm not sure how a language such as C++ or Java solves this problem, but a
similar solution is required for libglade (glade_xml_get_widget), which both
languages appear to support.

Johan Dahlin <jdahlin async com br>
Async Open Source

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