Re: Re: GdkSubwindowMode bug in Win32

Tor Lillqvist ha scritto:
> Roberto writes:
>  > I would know: does this old bug
>  >
>  > has ever been fixed?
> Doesn't look so.
>  > GDK_INCLUDE_INFERIORS seems like still not working in windows, as you
>  > can test with this really simple program:
> Thanks for the test program. I attached it to the bug report.
> (Minimal test programs are essential for fixing bugs like this. I
> don't think it's unreasonable to ask bug reporters, assuming they
> can't provide patches, to at least bother writing minimal test
> programs. I asked the original bug reporter to provide a such already
> three years ago, but nope. Kinda gives the impression it can't be such
> a serious problem then, doesn't it? Thanks again!)
> --tml

Thank you for the reply!

> Comment #3 from Tor Lillqvist
> 2004-08-31 19:41 UTC [reply]

> It ought to be possible to implement this in gdk/win32. Creating the
Win32 DC
> corresponding to the GdkGC with GetDCEx() instead of GetDC(), and not
> the DCX_CLIPCHILDREN bit in the flags argument should give a DC that
> writing on child windows.

About this solution I don't think it may work, because I've read
somewhere that GetDC(hWnd) is an alias for GetDCEx(hWnd, NULL, NULL). So
there are no default flags and DCX_CLIPCHILDREN is already not set.
Any other ideas?

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