Re: GtkRecentChooser API glitch

On Sun, 2007-07-29 at 18:49 +0200, Murray Cumming wrote:
> >   gtk_recent_chooser_menu_set_show_numbers()
> >   gtk_recent_chooser_menu_get_show_numbers()
> > 
> > Language binding authors should not bind those functions, but bind the
> > GtkRecentChooserMenu functions instead.
> > 
> > These functions will be marked as deprecated as soon as GTK+ will branch
> > off for the 2.11/2.12 cycle,
> While reviewing this change for gtkmm, I noticed that you didn't use the
> "Deprecated:" syntax so these don't show up in the list of deprecated
> symbols.

yeah, I didn't know about the deprecation markers back then. I also
forgot to add the deprecation guards. both issues are fixed in SVN, now.
many thanks for the reminder.


Emmanuele Bassi,

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