Glib Atomic operations and gcc 4.1

I was investigating about atomicity for a personal project i found the
fantastic Glib, but investigating more I found that atomic operations
are suported only for some processors and for others like ARM are very
dificult to implement, so generic libraries like GLib needs hard work
to implement in all the posible plataforms. But make a variable
"atomic" its a problem of procesor architecture and normaly that sould
be covered by compliers (of course its an opinion).
Why not use the work of other projects like Gcc. I found in this blog
a very interesting information : and

Since version GCC 4.1 atomic operations are suported. I think it would
be interesting use that when compiled with that compiler.
This is my fisrt post to this list and I am sure i didn't discover
anything new to you but maybe someone can comment something about

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