Re: Can we populate treeviews right from glade instead of coding

2007/7/7, Ravi kumar Singh <rks_k16 yahoo co in>:

Though i am not able to find an answer yet...but in glade-3 (v3.3.1) when i create Treeview and lookup its properties there is an option "Treeview model" which has a button "..." beside that (like the one beside signal-handler option), and on clicking that button it asks to chhose a "treemodel" from the project...i have no idea what this "from the project" means, if it means i have to include the model in the project then how is it done ??

That feature is about to come in the next release of Gtk ( 2.12), the API is called GtkBuilder[0], however, a good UI to generate projects might take some time, I don't know the plans from the glade guys on this regard.

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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