Weekly Bug Report 06/07/2007

I've added the ! key to the bugs that look good to go to me.


+ Change since last week
s Simple patch
m Moderately complex patch
b Complex patch
! Looks good to apply to me

Closed since last week:
s 164809 Checkboxes with inconsistent status are not drawn properly
but with the default theme [Tor]
s 324543 GtkFileChooser: show file 'modified' TIMES, not just DATES
[Federico, Emmanuele]
s 403753 GtkFrame painting glitch with ythickness != 2 [Tim]

s 409360 G_GNUC_[PRETTY_]FUNCTION docs improvement
s 402896 Allow single line comments to be defined with more than one
character [Matthias]
s! 355130 Remove some compiler warnings [Matthias]
s 346816 Refactor LIBDIR in libcharset Makefile

s 7959 API to control the stacking order of GdkWindows [Federico]
m 80927 Special-case compositing/copying with no scaling [Owen, Matthias]
s 147290 Draw ugly color at expose time, not at invalidate time [Matthias]
s 311678 Don't bother clearing the background for GDK_NO_BG windows
m 65877 gdk_event_copy() should only read parts of union for that
event type [Owen, Tim]

Input Methods:
s! 449906 Multi_key sequence for Latin capital U with macron

m 93067 menu items should give some visual indication they are activated [Owen]
  162058 gtk_menu_popup() documentation improvement
  163887 Menu items don't have equal height [Matthias]
s! 404571 Scroll arrow backgrounds should be painted with different
detail [Matthias, Mitch]
s! 443242 Menu clips items added after realize
m 436533 Allow more space efficient scroll arrows placement [Tim]
  One patch left to review/apply

m 168654 GtkCellRendererText continually re-creates PangoLayouts
[Kris, Matthias, Federico]

 Optimization to cache the PangoLayout in GtkCellRendererText. Some
 details of the code were unclear for all involved and the discussion
 kind of died there. Matthias suggested using testcellrenderertext to
 text the correctness of the patch, this seems to be the only thing
 needed to get it integrated.

m 318163 Alternating row colors unstable [Kris, Federico]
m 322387 setting the background color of an entire row in a GtkTreeView [Kris]
s 342113 Ellipsizing column headers ellipsize too eagerly [Kris]
s 324282 add selected signal to cell renderer combo
s+ 343492 arrow key navigation inside GtkIconView [Matthias]

b 121113 Double-/single-click to activate should follow Nautilus
option [Matthias, Owen, Federico]
m 148828 Side Pane in File Selector requires double-click [Federico]
  153828 Filechooser does not remember state [Federico]

 Federico asked for a small update on the latest patch by Yevgen
 Muntyan, still pending.

s 161489 Make left/right arrows change focus between bookmarks and file list
s 171416 Resume editing if name of new folder is "Type name of new folder"
s 300334 Dialog is resized when preview disappears
s! 362516 File extensions should not be selected by default
s 346058 gtk_file_chooser_set_current_name does not have expected
behavior [Federico]

  Has a patch to improve the unit test for set_current_name.

m 368931 incorrect file entry completion filling when dropping files
to the files view [Federico, Emmanuele]
m 403601 Support volumes in GtkFileSystemUnix [Federico]

  A request to add poor-man's volume sniffing into GtkFileSystemUnix.

m 417389 Scrollwheel on path bar

GTK+ Other:
s 59048 gtk_calendar_set_date [Emmanuele]
  116246 gtk_spin_button_configure() [Owen]
s 131920 gtkNotebook sends incorrect switch_page value
s 144270 Remove ZVT special case from gtkwindow.c [Owen]
s+ 324899 No easy way to clear the contents of a text GtkComboBox
s! 357945 gtk_calendar_select_day does not validate the day properly
s! 361781 GtkViewport size request includes xthickness/ythickness for
shadow_type=none [Owen]
s! 372461 use G_UNLIKELY(type==0) in get_type functions

  Quoting from the bug: "The G_DEFINE_TYPE macros do this, so I see
  no reason not to do it also in the manually coded or autogenerated
  (type builtins) get_type functions."

m+ 382544 (GtkIconView) Selection/focus should be painted around the
item, not just the text [Matthias]
m 382646 Text inside the combobox is drawn with text[XXX]
m 385950 showing an about dialogue on another screen
s+! 408244 add GtkDialog::content-area-spacing [Tim]
s 409380 add gtk_label_new_markup() and gtk_label_set_label_printf() proposal
s 427899 GtkFrame's label may exceed the frame area
s! 429411 add style properties to set minimum progressbar width/height
s! 430049 gtk_selection_data_set_text() ignores length argument
m 429910 Use glib-mkenum templates
s! 436536 xsettings missing for gtk-enable-accels and
gtk-enable-mnemonics [Matthias]
s 436965 Add files to /po[-properties]/POTFILES.in
m 445236 gtkrc parser doesn't understand FALSE for gboolean
properties [Matthias]
s 447883 PATCH Documentation about SVN in HACKING and
README.cvs-commits [Tim, Matthias]
s 452225 check and option mark drawing is a mess of inconsistency
s 454042 Add gtk_border_new

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