Re: Themes and colours

On Mon, 2007-07-02 at 11:57 +1000, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> I think this suggestion is a relatively small and natural extension of
> theming, and would allow for more visually appealing applications while
> working around the problems that people have with overriding default
> colours.

I think this is a good idea. GTK+ provides the infrastructure, we
basically need someone to come up with a sensible subset of colours that
can be agreed upon.  Then applications can request a named colour from
the theme, and if it doesn't exist use a hard-coded default colour.

Tasks is already doing this.  The default colours for low, medium, and
high priority tasks in the source code are optimised for Clearlooks, but
I use a dark theme so I have this in my .gtkrc-2.0:

style "koto-task-view"
        color["priority-high"] = "dark red"
        color["priority-normal"] = "black"
        color["priority-low"] = "dim gray"
        color["priority-done"] = "dim gray"
class "KotoTaskView" style "koto-task-view"

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