Re: Generic CClosure marshaller using libffi

>>>>> "Johan" == Johan Dahlin <jdahlin async com br> writes:

Johan> It has conditional support, perhaps it would be better to
Johan> required a copy of libffi, but since there are no official
Johan> releases since 1998 so you'd have to use the CVS version.

Until very recently (Christmas), the libffi cvs repository was not
used at all.  Primary development happens in the GCC svn repository.
Over Christmas I pulled this code into libffi cvs to make it simpler
to do a standalone release (for standalone configure has to be a
little bit different).

Johan> Tom, do you have any plans to release a standalone version of
Johan> libffi in the near future?

Not really, but I suppose I will update libffi cvs periodically.  If
someone wanted to work on this (pull in updates from GCC and do a
release), I'd support that.


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