Re: Damaged

Tomasz Jankowski writes:
 > Can you pack development package of GTK+ v2.10.9 for win 32 again, because
 > this, which is available on your FTP server is damaged.

(He means in )

Thanks for the note, fixed now. Presumably the disk was full and the
upload had failed because of that, or something.

Disk space on the current a.k.a
a.k.a. is a chronical problem that doesn't seem to get
fixed. Why don't we use only? Most of the tarballs (and
Win32 zipfiles) on are already also availlable on, anyway, so having to upload tarballs *only* there
(well, to and starting a sync) would mean less work
for maintainers. Make an alias for, and
install appropriate symlinks or redirections on it that the same URLs
still work. could keep just the gimp tarballs.


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