change of ABI in Gtk+ 2.10 on Win32

I see lots of changes like that in Gtk+ 2.10.7:

#ifdef G_OS_WIN32
/* Reserve old names for DLL ABI backward compatibility */
#define gtk_accel_map_load gtk_accel_map_load_utf8
#define gtk_accel_map_save gtk_accel_map_save_utf8

Which causes a huge number of undefined symbols when binding Gtk+ in another
language (in my case, GtkAda).

What's the proper approach here ? Where are the old symbols (without _utf8)
defined ?

I cannot change all these names, because that would mean having to maintain two
very different list of symbols and files for unix and win32, so I find
this change very intrusive and very incompatible.

Can we do something to improve the situation ?
Thanks in advance,


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