Suggestion: Application selection dialog

I think that at the moment there is no nice way for the user to choose
an application. GTK has a dialog for selecting files so why not add a
dialog to GTK for selecting an application? Some application allow the
user to fill in the command of a program or also have a "Browse..."
button which will show a file selection dialog for browsing for a
binary. But that "Browse..." button is a MS Windows solution. For
those who have never worked with MS Windows: it has a very user
unfriendly application menu, which in short is a mess. So that is why
MS Windows uses the browse button. On the free desktop however we have
a very nice standardized system for building a (categorized)
application menu, so that is not hard for the user to start an
application. However this nice standard is currently only used for
such a menu. So my idea is to use the application tree, that is used
for the app menu, for the "application selection dialog".
I have implemented such a dialog in my application keyTouch. For a
screenshot of it go to: . It
would be nice if such a dialog could be part of GTK and that the user
will be able to select applications by the free desktop way instead of
the MS Windows way.

Marvin Raaijmakers

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