Re: help cross compiling again

Marcelo Armengot Iborra writes:
 > but... oh... now he ask me for the -lintl

Yeah, that's actually a bit bogus I think. If your own code doesn't
actually use libintl, you can remove the -lintl from the .pc
file. Ditto for -liconv.

 > Im trying with $LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable but he is not
 > finding all the time...

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is used by the run-time dynamic loader on ELF-based
systems (for instance Linux and Solaris). It is not used at link time,
and has nothing to do with Windows... (Windows uses PATH also for
looking up shared libraries, i.e. DLLs, at run-time.)

I don't think GNU ld looks for any environment variable that would do
the same as the -L switches. (At least, I couldn't find any such
quickly browsing the ld info document). And even if it had, using -L
flags is much the normal way to add directores to the linker search
path. (For configure scripts and Make, on the other hand, it is common
to use the environment variable LDFLAGS that then gets expanded in
Makefile rules on linking command lines.)


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