Re: gvfs status report

On Thu, 2007-02-15 at 16:54 +0100, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> In general I think that we will still use URIs to pass file references
> between apps when doing things like DnD, cut-and-paste or when saving
> filenames in config files. It seems hard to change this at this time,
> and it has some advantages in that other applications also understand
> such URIs (to some extent, vfs uris aren't always exactly like web
> uris). However, internally in gio we immediately map the URI to a
> mountpoint spec (which might not be mounted yet) and a path, and all
> path operations happens in this form. Think of URIs like a
> serialization form.
> The mapping from uri to mount spec is done by custom backend-specific
> code. I arrived at this model after several false starts, and I think
> its pretty nice. It  means the backends and the client implementation
> get a very clean view of the world, and all the weirdness of strange
> URI schemes like smb is handled totally in one place in the client
> library code.
> A large problem with gnome-vfs is that applications not specially
> coded to use gnome-vfs will not be able to read non-local files. A
> nice solution to this would be to use FUSE to let such apps use normal
> syscalls to access the files. In general its quite tricky to map any
> URI to a FUSE file, but with the mountpoint + filename setup gvfs uses
> it is very easy to create a FUSE filesystem that lets you access all
> the current vfs mounts. 

Could we standardize the local file system paths for non-gvfs apps, so
we can reliably DnD to them and have them receive local paths? E.g.


Consider also apps that receive these local paths, store them and
reference them in future sessions.

I think it would be wise to include such functionality, or at least
specifications, if we're going to replace gnome-vfs anyway. It would
save worlds of pain in scenarios involving legacy or 3rd party apps.

Having these paths map 1:1 to URIs (with translation functions?) would
be excellent. It seems you've given it some thought - what are the
tricky parts?

Hans Petter

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