Re: gvfs status report

Le jeudi 15 février 2007 à 18:57 +0100, Alexander Larsson a écrit :
> > Well, if the 2 apps don't sit on the same computer, what else could you
> > want ?
> > Of course, as an optimization if the 2 apps are "local to each other",
> > they should just use the current behavior.
> Actually, its more than a performance issue. What you really want is the
> file reference (i.e. filename), not the file contents. The app recieving
> the filename can do all sorts of things with it, not just read it. e.g.
> it could stat it, it could statfs() it to see what filesystem type it is
> on, it could traverse the filesystem up or down, or it could open the
> file and later save back to the same filename. All of these operations
> would have to be supported, and you need to be able to save the file
> reference persistantly, for say recent-files.

I completely agree the local case should stay as-is, but the current
behavior for remote windows is clearly broken.

> All in all, that seems hard to do via X.

Maybe gvfs needs an X11 plugin ? :)


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