Why file system abstraction layer in GTK+ is only private stuff?


I'm working on small application, which make some operations on files and I must say, that I have serious problems with it.  so far I can't port my program on this platform.

While I'm developing my program on Linux I had searched how to obtain MIME types on files. I went through www.freedesktop.org, www.google.com and I finished in GTK+ repository. I found it's code very helpful and I can say, that file system abstraction layer seems to be quite complete (in basic range) and very clear. That's why I can understand, why you didn't add it to public API and it's still only library's internal code?! Maybe, there are some specific reasons, which i don't know.

It's very hard to develop application for Linux and win32, which do some operations on files and directories, because there is no cross-platform library, which can do such things. On Linux we can use GNOME VFS, but it's still solution only for Linux.

Maybe you should think about public support fre some file system and add it in one future releases?
I know, that file system support is quite far from GUI, so maybe it can be good idea to move it to GLib or even create independent library?


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