Re: debian 3.1r2 GTK+DFB DEMO broken

Luis Ariel Lecca wrote:
 Hello all:
I get the gtk+dfb library from debian Sarge 3.1r2:
 #apt-get install libgtk+2.0-directfb-udeb-dev
I build a complex (with sockets/files/and many widgets) gtk+dfb application linked with dynamic libraries, using anjuta too, with no problem.

 When I used the static libraries (added by hand) I got a lot of error messages

 (undefined references).
When I tryed to build the gtk+ demo (just typed make in demo folder)
 at link time i got a similar error:
 ../../gdk/.libs/ undefined reference to
'IA__gdk_window_fulscren' ../../gdk/.libs/ undefined reference to 'IA__gdk_window_lower' ...and so on collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 make[3]: *** [gtk-demo] Error 1
... Leaving ... Its a similar error when I try to build a gtk+dfb lib from scratch (I tryed with a lot of gtk and directfb versions and combination) I guess gtk+dfb distribuited in sarge 3.1r2 for static link is broken.
 Is there any patch to solve this ?
Thanks in advance.

ATM we have 2.8.20 in unstable and 2.10.6 in experimental.
I suggest you to use debs from experimental or, better, build from Gnome SVN ( our 2.8.20 is heavily patched with backported fixes
from Gnome SVN and was basically menat for use in the d-i only).
Both libs in unstable and experimental lack some important fixes recently commited into SVN.



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