Re: [directfb-users] Problems in GdkWindow Events with Gtk - DirectFb backend

Hi Denis,

Thank you for the patch which u sent.
With this patch i can able to get events on GdkWindow which was
If i create a GdkWindow with GDK_WINDOW_CHILD then events are not coming.
Do you have any idea about this?

Thanks & Regards

On Dec 3, 2007 11:18 PM, Denis Oliver Kropp <dok directfb org> wrote:
> Sreenivas Chowdary wrote:
> > Yeah Even i am getting events on GtkWidget in half way like
> > expose-event, keypress-event and key-release event and remaining
> > events like button-press-event , button-release-event etc.. or not
> > getting.
> Either it has always been broken or something changed in Gdk or it broke in GdkDirectFB.
> I just looked into the Gdk Backends and saw that the filters are not applied at all
> in the DirectFB Backend.
> Please try the attached patch.
> --
> Best regards,
>   Denis Oliver Kropp
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