Support for a new scripting language.

Hello to the list readers.

Sorry for being impolite and jumping in, but it seems there is no other mean 
to contact GTK developers.

I lead a project for a new embeddable open source scripting language
called "The Falcon Programming Language":

We have just released a stable version of our scripting language and we
would like to provide a module to integrate GTK+.

Actually, what we would like to do is to provide an abstract windowing system, 
of which GTK+ would then be the first (and preferred) driver. However, we 
would glad do have also a pure GTK+ binding, or possibly both the AWS and the 

I feel most comfortable in programming with GTK+, and I regard GTK+ as the 
library that allows faster GUI programming and better GUI design-from-code 
(i.e. what-you-program-is-what-you-get) i've ever come in touch with; and I 
know a few.

In the past, I realized a GTK+ based GUI interface for a language called 
Xharbour (an X-Base descendant), so I am not completely new to the topic. 
What we're missing now are programming hands; if you or someone you know may 
be interested in participate our project, please contact me or register with 
the forum at our server:

Anyhow, I hope I can count on the assitance of the people in this list in our 
development effort, were we in need for some advice.

Giancarlo Niccolai.

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