Re: GTK+ Web site overhaul

Tim Janik wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Apr 2007, Martyn Russell wrote:
>> Martyn Russell wrote:
>>> Improvements:
>>> =============
>>> ÿÿ I would like to add MAINTAINERS and README files with all the
>>> important information that is needed for the upkeep and running of this
>>> module. Is there anything that people would want included in here?
>>>     ÿÿ Processes that we follow when releasing?
>>>     ÿÿ Files we continually update?
>>>     ÿÿ Formatting that we should adhere to,
>> I have made a start here and added a MAINTAINERS file, but I really
>> don't know what to add to the README file since I don't typically edit
>> the files in this module. So, could those of you who DO edit this file
>> just give me a short description of what scripts you run and what
>> processes you take when updating this module? I am thinking Behdad, Tim,
>> Matthias could possibly come up with some comments?
> not sure what you're asking for here...
> changes to the gtk-web module should be documented in the ChangeLog,
> and is used to update the web site after commits to the
> gtk-web module. (technically, a copy of is used for updates,
> so drop me a note if you really modify it.)

Well, really what I want to know is, what scripts are used when we
release GTK+, what processes people go through when updating the module.

The ChangeLog just states why we changed something, it doesn't state the
procedure for someone else to come along and do the jobs that need doing
when we update this module.

For example, the gtk-doc.sgml file is used to create the documentation
with one of the scripts here in the gtk-web module, but the SGML file is
kept in the gtk+ module. What is the process for creating the
documentation here? Is it done automatically by some cron job?

When releasing, do we run the script?
When do we run the script? Do we even use it any more?
Who uses the script? I am aware Tim uses a copy of it, is
that the only use of it?

Some of these questions may seem simple and obvious, but it would be
good if they were clarified so people know how this module works without
polling this list.


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