Re: [GLIB] Routines that call g_return_if_fail() etc hang/crash [WinXP]

Olumide writes:
 > How can I using get the stack trace sysinternals's Process Explorer 
 > (I've downloaded it).

The Process Explorer stack trace, to the best of my knowledge, is
fully reliable only for code that includes Microsoft-style debugging
information. gcc-compiled code doesn't. Otherwise it "guesses"
function names inside DLLs based on the export list, I guess, so only
exported functions will show up in the stack trace. Calls from
nonexported functions will show up as an exported function + offset.

 > My program is actually a dynamically loaded plugin  that runs in a very 
 > large app (i.e. Alias|Wavefront Maya). Can I still see the stack trace? 

Presumaly yes, try it out...


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