Re: #315645; supporting tap-and-hold

On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 12:04 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:

> I'm not convinced of the merits of sending a special signal opposed to
> popup-menu.  Would GTK+ be edited so that tap-and-hold in a GtkEntry and
> so on popped up the context menu, or would that be left to the
> applications?

I think it should be a special signal because

- right-click -> popup-menu isn't hardcoded anywhere either
- popup-menu is meant for keyboard activation of the menu
- popup-menu doesn't carry the location of the click
  (that's why it's just as impossible to map from
   right-click to popup-menu as it would be to map from
   long-click to popup-menu)
- applications should be free to choose what to do with
  tap-and-hold, just as they are free to choose what
  to do with right-click (even if it's the standard
  case to popup the menu)

Please let us not restrict the new feature to some vague
"standard" behavior. Especially on embedded platforms
things can work very different.


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