Re: [t-gtk-developer] CVS error

Rafa (TESIPRO) escribió:

My name´s Daniel, and I´m a new programmer in GTK.

I think there is a bug with 'gtk_message_dialog_new' function.

I put this function to create a message box. The initialization it's ok, but when I close the window( OK button for example ), the last window focus is lost. After that, the focus window is in another aplication, I don't know why.

Here, it's attached the picture steps.
In GTKCODE01.jpg, after 'gtk_widget_destroy(pDialog)', the focus is lost.

In GTKWINDOW01.jpg, I try to show the focus before event 'button ok' in error window message( Senha invalida ).

After event 'button ok' in 'error window message'( 'Senha invalida' ) is clicked, another window is showed. I would like the 'mother window' in GTKWINDOW01.jpg has been showed.

PS: If I click in 'mother window' in GTKWINDOW01.jpg before I close

Please, i not view file .JPGs, sorry.
You put source code for view bug ? Thank you

Rafa Carmona

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