Re: Plans for gnome-vfs replacement


> > 
> > I was talking with Paolo about this and we were a bit concerned about
> > the above paragraph... How it would work for the case where I simply
> > want to drag an URI from firefox to gedit to open the file[1]?
> We could have an api that lets you map a URI into a vfs object with a
> more complicated API that lets the application have a dialog with the
> user requesting things like authentication and prefered filename
> encoding for the share (essentially a mount operation based on a uri).
> We would need to use something like that anyway in the file selector,
> because it would need to be able to mount things as you input locations.

It is not clear to me what do you mean with "mount operation based on a
uri". Which is the semantic of such operation?

Suppose you want to open a single file on a web server.
Is the mounting operation the creation of a HTTP session with the web
server? Or what?


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