Re: GTK+ performance problem

On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 16:44 +0200, mikecorn wrote:
> Owen,
> Thanks for your response. In answer to your question, I did what I
> thought the documentation said to do in order to scroll the window so
> that newly appended text came into view. You are right that I was
> creating thousands of marks, something I realize only now. After
> playing around with a small benchmark and reading the documentation
> more carefully, I realized the mark would move to the end of the
> inserted text and did not need to be created each time.

Which documentation? that documentation could be fixed.

> Perhaps the create mark function could be enhanced to detect and
> reject (or report) redundant marks? It seems that I had created
> thousands of unnamed redundant marks at the end of the text buffer. 

I'm not sure what would count as a a redundant mark.

					- Owen

(The GtkTextView actually has an internal system where it will create
a temporary mark at an iter, scroll to it, and when the scrolling is
done, delete the iter. It would be really handy if there was some
scroll-to-iter variant that behaved in that manner.)

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